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Consumer Confidence Report 2016

City of Holdingford
2016 Drinking Water Report

 The City of Holdingford is issuing the results of monitoring done on its drinking water for the period from January 1 to December 31, 2016.  The purpose of this report is to advance consumers’ understanding of drinking water and heighten awareness of the need to protect precious water resources.

 Source of Water

The City of Holdingford provides drinking water to its residents from a groundwater source:  two wells ranging from 62 to 68 feet deep, that draw water from the Quaternary Buried Artesian and Quaternary Water Table aquifers.

The Minnesota Department of Health has made a determination as to how vulnerable our systems' source(s) of water may be to future contamination incidents.  If you wish to obtain the entire source water assessment regarding your drinking water, please call 651-201-4700 or 1-800-818-9318 (and press 5) during normal business hours.  Also, you can view it on line at www.health.state.mn.us/divs/eh/water/swp/swa.

 Call 320-746-2966 if you have questions about the City of Holdingford drinking water or would like information about opportunities for public participation in decisions that may affect the quality of the water.

 Results of Monitoring

 No contaminants were detected at levels that violated federal drinking water standards.  However, some contaminants were detected in trace amounts that were below legal limits.  The table that follows shows the contaminants that were detected in trace amounts last year.  (Some contaminants are sampled less frequently than once a year; as a result, not all contaminants were sampled for in 2016.  If any of these contaminants were detected the last time they were sampled for, they are included in the table along with the date that the detection occurred.)

Paper copies of this report are available at Holdingford City Hall during regular office hours.

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