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From City Hall March 2018 - Mayors Report 


Last weeks’ snowstorm accumulated more snow then we have had in Holdingford in quite a while. Larger than normal snow piles collected in areas where residents and businesses and the city have not usually had them.  Shoveling and snow blowing became pretty routine as everyone worked hard to keep sidewalks, driveways, alleys and streets cleared. Please be aware during these times of clean-up, there are safety issues. Be careful to blow snow safely away from neighbors’ property, especially if people, vehicles, fences and homes are in close proximity. Streets have become narrower. Slow down. Shoveling or plowing large piles of snow to a location where they will eventually melt and cause dangerous ice or mud issues can be hazardous. Please think ahead and plan for where that snow will eventually melt. More snow may be in the forecast. Please be smart, neighborly and patient when digging out.  


As we head thru March and into April, Spring means growth. Like Spring, I want to believe Holdingford will be growing too.  The city council is always looking at opportunities that may stimulate business and more homes and families coming into our community.  As we plan for improvements, the city council looks to the residents to help provide input on what is important to them and to share ideas.  Positive changes can be made to benefit everyone.


Respectfully, Mayor of Holdingford Sue Marstein

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